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Experts have Agreed On The Best Ways to Prevent Concussion

A concussion is a brain injury; the only known cure is prevention. Helmets can protect against skull fractures and more serious brain injuries but cannot prevent a concussion; therefore, it is vitally important to be well-informed about prevention. Many products have claimed to prevent concussions but none have been substantiated.

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Concussion Signs and Symptoms

There are a wide variety of signs and symptoms associated with concussions. No two concussions are the same and individuals may experience only some of the symptoms. Symptoms may not show up immediately; they may be noticed a few hours or days later. Exertion exacerbates symptoms. Remember: if a concussion is suspected, the athlete should be immediately removed from play!

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Baseline Assessments/Cognitive Testing

Pre-season cognitive baseline testing is relatively new to youth sports. Typically a short computerized test administered prior to the beginning of the season, it measures selected brain processes and scores the test for each athlete to establish the athlete’s baseline. If a concussion is suspected during the season, s/he can re-test. The computer software compares the baseline score to the re-test score and alerts the clinician of a reliable change in the score.

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A CBS 60 Minutes Exclusive “Football and the Brain”

Football and the Brain

Hear Former Pro Bowler and Super Bowl Champion Mark Schlereth talk about concussion