What does concussion in sports have to do with me?

Teachers know aspects of their students that parents, coaches, athletic trainers, and peers may not know. They are in a unique position to observe and interact with students as they learn, allowing them a glimpse into the way each one’s brain processes information. Some students are quick to raise their hands to answer a question while others are more thoughtful to be sure they have the correct answer before raising their hand to answer. Some students always finish a test first and have excellent grades while others may finish first and fail the test. Certainly parents, coaches, athletic trainers, and peers are well aware of other aspects of these same students that teachers are not. Teachers can usually see when one of their student’s cognitive or academic behaviors has changed and will usually begin asking questions of the student and parents to determine the cause of the change. But how often does a teacher pause to think that the cognitive or academic changes they are seeing might be a consequence of a physical injury like a concussion?

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