Healthcare Professionals:

Concussion diagnosis, treatment and management are evolving fields of study. The challenge for pediatricians, family physicians, athletic trainers and all those who work in healthcare is to keep up-to-date about new information that is released from current research, experts in the field, and the international conferences on concussion in sports (in 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2012). The information provided here is intended to be a resource for you, your patients and their families.

The following are examples of questions you may be hearing from the families you work with.

“My son, Sean, recently sustained a concussion while playing football, and the coach says he can’t return to practice until he is cleared by a physician trained in the evaluation and management of concussion. Is that you?”

“My daughter, Kira, was hit in the head playing volleyball in gym. She is on the school basketball team and has already had at least two concussions over the years. I’ve been hearing a lot about the long-term effects of concussion. Should I make her stop playing sports?”

“My son Ben is seven years old and wants to play football. I’ve heard other parents mention baseline testing. Should I have him baseline tested? Where would I go to have him baseline tested? He has a learning disability and I’m afraid that if he gets a concussion he will have more problems.”