Are you comfortable with your knowledge of concussion?


– Community based sports are included in the New Jersey Concussion Law.

– How to recognize that a concussion may have occured.

– Sideline evaluation tools that can help you.

– The protocol for community based sports.

– You don’t need to be hit in the head to have a concussion.

– The Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey can provide educational information for parents, and workshops for coaches and officials.



– Immediately pull the player from the competition or practice.

– Check for basic life support – ABCs!

– Check for loss of consciousness or cervical spinal injury.

– Decide whether or not to move the player to the sideline.

– Don’t leave the player alone-monitor every five minutes.

– Document what happened and give this information to parents–it will help the physician with diagnosis.

– FOLLOW UP! Insist on a note from a physician before you allow the player back to competition or practice.