Community based youth sports programs are different from interscholastic sports in terms of organizational structure, accountability, and training coaches and staff. Often, the only adult in charge of a community-based sports event is a volunteer parent.

The NJ Concussion Law suggests that younger children take at least an additional 7 days rest/recovery period after they are symptom-free before returning to regular physical activities.

Yes, there are some differences. Younger children:

– do not lose consciousness as easily as teens or adults.
– may not have the language to describe symptoms.
– more likely to complain they just “don’t feel good”
– more likely to act out behaviorally



– be diligent in observing any changes in typical behavior
– recognize when things are not going well
– make sure the physician’s recommendations are being followed
– monitor for worsening symptoms in the immediate hours and days after the concussive event