School Professionals

The New Jersey Concussion Law was passed in December 2010, requiring that each school district in the state develop a policy for how to manage concussions in its schools. Currently, every school district in New Jersey should have developed and implemented a policy on concussion. In addition to requiring the implementation of the law’s mandates, the state suggests that school districts provide clear procedural guidance for school staff including nurses, educators, and administrators.

A school nurse is often the first to evaluate a student with a concussion. This is especially true for students in grades K-8.

A child comes into your office complaining of a headache. As you question her, you learn that she ran into the fence in the school yard during recess, and she is not feeling at all well…

Teachers know their students well and are in a good position to notice a change in behavior classroom behavior or academic performance.

A boy in your class has been frequently asking to go to the nurses’ office during class. He is usually a good student but lately you have seen him daydreaming, he did poorly on the last test, and he recently missed some homework assignments.

The safety and welfare of students is a primary concern for superintendents, principals, vice principals and other school administrators..

You are the principal of the school, and you are watching the Saturday morning football game from the stands. A player takes a significant hit and doesn’t move after going down. The athletic trainer and the coach check him out on the field and help him to the sidelines for the rest of the game.