Understanding Concussion: Diagnosis, Treatment, Recovery

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This three-part course will provide medical professionals with information beyond the basic understanding of concussion currently available through online courses. Take the course at your own pace and availability and learn concussion from experts in brain injury with more than 100 years of combined experience

Part 1

This unit will provide a background and history of concussion and mTBI treatment, the pathophysiology of concussion, fundamentals of rehabilitation from brain injury, an an understanding of cognitive rehabilitation.

Part 2

This unit will provide criteria for diagnosing concussion, explanation of con- founding issues, methods of monitoring recovery, current recommendations for treatment, and a clear understanding of managing return to school, aca- demics, and cognitive activities. This unit will also provide information about the intricacies of treating young athletes with concussion, the role of cogni- tive and balance baselines, and return to play issues.

Part 3

This unit will explore the impact of concussion on the developing brain and the considerations intricate to treating young children diagnosed with con- cussion and the importance of documenting concussion recover in medical records; second impact syndrome will be explained. Research topics will also be addressed including imaging studies, sex and gender issues, treatments and diagnostic techniques being researched and ethical concerns. An over- view of the New Jersey Concussion Law will be provided.