A concussion is a traumatic brain injury caused by
a mechanical force which can be a direct blow to the head, face or neck, or
an indirect blow somewhere else on the body.

Concussions are NOT exclusive to the playing field!


  • – A concussion results in immediate chemical changes within the nerve cells of the brain causing short-lived impairment of functioning.
  • – There is NO set recovery time–it can take days, weeks or months.
  • – Most concussions do NOT involve loss of consciousness.
  • – Many concussions are misdiagnosed or NOT diagnosed.
  • – Concussions do NOT show up on CT or MRI scan.
  • – There is a cumulative effect of multiple concussions.
  • – The brain requires adequate time to heal.
  • – The risk of second impact syndrome is real.
  • – “The most common cause of sports-related death is traumatic brain injury; sports and recreation account for one out of five TBIs in children.” – Children’s Safety Network
  • – “An estimated 283,000 children seek care in the U.S. emergency departments each year for a sports or recreation related TBI. TBIs sustained in contact sports account for approximately 45% of these visits. Football, bicycling, basketball, playground activities, and soccer account for the highest number of emergency department visits.” – CDC


Accurate documentation of concussion recovery in children’s medical records can provide important information if there are any future concussions.