Concussion in Younger Children

Presented by Dr. Connie Domingo
Medical Director at Weisman Children’s Hospital


UntitledDr. Connie Domingo, Medical Director at Weisman Children’s Hospital is dual board certified in pediatrics and physical medicine and rehabilitation. Her areas of expertise include traumatic brain injury, neuromuscular diseases and sports medicine. She served as Governor Appointee to the NJ Special Education & Traumatic Brain Injury task force, and is a board member of the Brain Injury Alliance (BIANJ) as well as on its Sports Concussion and Children’s and Adolescent Committees. Dr. Domingo has been recognized several times by her peers as a “Top Pediatric Doc” in Southern New Jersey.





This webinar is appropriate for school nurses, parents, coaches, or anyone else who may encounter a young child with a concussion. The content includes an overview of concussion in the context of younger children.

Topics Include:

    • What signs and symptoms to look out for in regards to concussion,
    • How to assess and observe changes in the child’s typical behavior, How to manage post-injury communication with coaches, parents,
      teachers, etc.,
    • And how to follow concussion management guidelines.