Concussion in Youth Sports

Keane -007-2 webPresenter: Kristine C. Keane, Psy.D.
Clinical Director at Shore Neuropsychology and Behavioral Health
Date: March 10, 2016
Time: 2:00pm – 3:00pm EST

Dr. Kristine C. Keane is a Neuropsychologist who has been in practice in New Jersey for the past fifteen years specializing in the neuropsychological evaluation and treatment of concussion, traumatic brain injury, and cognitive disorders. She is the Clinical Director of Shore Neuropsychology and Behavioral Health, as well as the Clinical Director of the Meridian Health Concussion Program, which serves Monmouth and Ocean Counties.



Attendees of this session will learn how to:

  • – Understand diagnosis and treatment of the concussed child/athlete
  • – Identify the need for emergency care
  • – Identify the legal implications of Sports Concussion
  • – Understand current treatments such as cognitive rest, return to play and return to academia protocols
  • – Learn various treatment alternative for athletes diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome