Concussion causes physical, cognitive and emotional/behavior symptoms that can last days, weeks or months; these symptoms may
interfere with learning.


– have difficulty concentrating or paying attention 

– have trouble remembering

– have problems with word-finding

– find it difficult putting thoughts into words

– be easily confused

– lose track of time and place

– be slower in thinking, acting, reading and speaking

– be easily distracted

– have trouble doing more than one thing at a time (listen and take notes)

– have difficulty organizing everyday tasks

– have a problem with fatigue



– The number and severity of symptoms, the speed of recovery, and the impact of the symptoms on academic functioning or other activities will be different for every student.

– Concussions affect mental stamina more than intellectual ability.

– 10 to 20% of concussions can take months to resolve.

– A neuropsychological evaluation may become necessary when the symptoms of a concussion persist.

– A 504 Plan may be advisable to support a student through a long-term recovery from concussion.


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