The majority of concussions resolve on their own within a week or two when properly managed.

Ask yourself the following questions:

– Was there an event such as a collision during a sports practice or game, a fall, car crash or bicycle crash that may have caused a concussion?

– Did you or anyone else observe any signs of concussion at the time of the event? Click here for a list of signs and symptoms.

– Is your child’s behavior out of the ordinary?

– Has your child’s sleeping patterns changed?

– Is your child complaining about not feeling well?

– Is your child having a more difficult time with schoolwork?


If there is any question about whether or not your child might have sustained a concussion, schedule an appointment with your physician.


– Reassure your child that they will get better

– Emphasize the importance of following the physician’s recommendations

– Communicate and work with your school to support your child’s return to full activity

– Become knowledegable about concussion recovery


– After one concussion there is increased risk for a second concussion regardless of how the concussion occurred.

– There is a cumulative effect of multiple concussions.

– The more concussions an athlete sustains, the longer it takes to fully recover.


– There are many benefits to playing organized sports.

– Concussions happen in all kinds of activities, not just sports and not just football.

– Were the concussions days, months or years apart?

– Did it take days, weeks or months for symptoms to resolve?

– Were the concussions sports-related?

– What did the doctor say?

– Does your sports organization follow the concussion protocol outlined by the NJ Recreation and Parks Association?

– Does your school follow a concussion policy as outlined by the Model Policy for Concussion provided by the NJ Department of Education?

– Have the volunteer coaches been adequately educated about how to recognize that a concussion may be suspected?

– Do the coaches and parents demonstrate a culture of safety above competition?


– Young athletes want to get back to play as soon as possible and may disregard other symptoms.

– The risk for a second concussion is higher when young athletes return to practice or competition too soon.

The NJ Concussion Law has certain requirements before a student athlete can return to practice or competition.