“The very first decisions made on the playing/practice field when a concussion is suspected can make the difference between a good outcome and a disaster.”

Concussion management begins the moment a concussion is suspected.

  1. Before moving an individual to the sidelines, check the airway, breathing and consciousness to rule out more severe injury. 
  2. A decision is made: to the sideline or to the hospital. 
  3. An evaluation by a medical professional (family physician, pediatrician or sports medicine physician) knowledgeable in the identification and management of concussion; will determine whether or not a concussion has occurred. 
  4. The management plan is determined by the physician and conveyed to parents and the school (when appropriate). 
  5. When symptoms linger referrals to a neurologist, physical therapist, neuropsychologist and others may be suggested. 
  6. The Return to Play protocol may begin AFTER all cognitive symptoms have resolved.’


– Loss of consciousness (even briefly)

– Dazed or blank look

– May move slowly–slow getting up

– Confusion

– Nervous or emotional

– Unsteady

– May grab their head

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